• Hydraulic Repairs Rockhampon


Pneumatic & Hydraulic Repairs & Supplies

The Hydraulic Shop, based in Rockhampton, is Central Queensland’s leading specialist in pneumatic and hydraulic repairs and supplies.

With an excellent reputation as troubleshooters and for their rapid service and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, fixing breakdowns are our number one priority.

We work to limit machinery down-time which can cost you money, aim to solve the problem in the quickest turnaround and pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, every time. We are so successful at delivering on this promise that reworks make up just 0.01% of our business.

Our technicians are skilled in the design and installation of all types of hydraulic systems. We cater not just to the specialist needs of the large mining industry in the area, but a range of other industries including drilling, power generation, meat processing, earthmoving, construction and agriculture. We are leaders in innovative ideas, utilising our combined knowledge, expertise and technology for the benefit of all our customers, big or small!

And if the job is too big to bring to us, as is often the case with our mining industry customers, we have specialist fitters available to go on-site to your business and service your hydraulic-driven equipment.


We will:
Always deliver a high standard of quality and service. Maintain our reputation for coming up with effective solutions.?Not only live up to our customer’s?expectations, but?exceed them. Appreciate how important a breakdown is and give them priority.

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